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Smile Correction & Makeover Treatment

Smile is a person’s ability to express a range of emotions with structure and movement of lips and teeth.

Are you a concerned about your esthetics??

Not happy with your pictures ???

Getting a smart phone with an additional camera is not the solution.

Read this out to clear all your doubts about smile correction, smile designing and smile makeover.


Un-aesthetic  smile  could be because of many reasons. Following are the conditions in which smile correction can be required.

    • Gummy smile: Excessive display of gingival tissues or gums .This might be because of

1. Short lips
2. Hyperactive lip muscles
3. Protruded upper teeth
4. Incomplete eruption of teeth
5. Gum enlargement

  • Diastema: Gaps are present between the teeth that make one’s smile unpleasant.
  • Mal aligned teeth: Irregularly placed teeth in the dental arch or fractured teeth.
  • Discolored teeth: stained or discolored teeth giving an unaesthetic smile.


Just as cosmetic makeover, smile makeover is done to give you an esthetic and pleasing smile so you can speak , talk, smile, laugh and pose confidently anytime.

Smile correction is to achieve pleasing composition in smile by creating an arrangement of various esthetics elements.

It is treatment modality in which esthetics and functions go hand in hand to provide long term functioning restoration. It is a minimally invasive treatment with minimal loss of natural tooth structure.

The modalities of smile correction differ from case to case.

  • Gingivectomy: Gummy smile due to excessive gum requires gingivectomy that is removal of excessive gingival tissues through surgery. Such patients require a complete smile makeover Treatment
  • Soft tissue laser treatment can be done for gingival enlargement.
  • Composite restorations: Mild to moderate gaps presents between the teeth can be restored with composite giving them a more natural and esthetic appearance.
  • Veneers: These are thins shells made of porcelain material and are customized. Before placement of veneers the teeth are modified so that veneers bound to the teeth. Minimal amount of enamel is removed so that veneer binding layer is formed. The shells are then placed on the prepared teeth. This is a minimally invasive technique to give an esthetic smile. Looking at the kind of results that you get from veneers the cost that comes with it would not bother you much. Veneers cost in India lies between 5000-11000 INR per tooth(73- 159 USD). The range is the veneer cost depends on the quality of the veneer used.
  • Crowns and Bridges: Severely damaged teeth can be made esthetic with crown placement. In cases of missing teeth bridges can be advised to fill the natural teeth space. Crowns and bridges are made of different materials. Ceramic crowns are mostly used because they mimic the natural tooth and nobody can make out that you got smile correction.
  • Orthodontic corrections: In patients with malpositioned teeth , to achieve the utmost results orthodontic treatment can be required. With newer technology coming in the field now Clear aligners are present in the market. These are not visible in the mouth and do not require frequent dental visits. In simple words, it’s a process of smile makeover that no one will get know.
  • Zoom Teeth Whitening : An unaesthetic could be because of discolored teeth. Zoom teeth whiting is an in-office technique to whiten your teeth. A less time-consuming process with good results.

Before beginning any dental procedure a complete Smile Analysis is done. Any minor corrections required before the designing are completed. This is followed by digital smile designing in the shape of teeth are selected to give an esthetic smile.

The final goal of a smile makeover is to develop a peaceful and stable masticatory system, where the teeth, tissues, muscles and joints all function in harmony without compromising the esthetics.

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