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Unlock Your Perfect Smile with Zirconia Crowns - Zirconia crown Price India

Unlock Your Perfect Smile with Zirconia Crowns - Zirconia crown Price India

Experience the pinnacle of dental excellence with Zirconia Crowns – the cutting-edge solution that will transform your smile into a radiant masterpiece. Crafted with unparalleled precision and aesthetic brilliance, these crowns offer a seamless blend of strength and beauty. Say goodbye to chipped or discolored teeth, and embrace the confidence of a flawless smile. 

With their remarkable durability and natural appearance, Zirconia Crowns are the ultimate choice for those seeking a long-lasting and captivating smile. Don’t settle for less regarding your dental health – choose Zirconia Crowns and unlock the radiant smile you deserve today!

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FAQs - Zirconia crown price India

Zirconia Crowns have gained immense popularity due to their superior strength and natural appearance compared to traditional crowns. With their advanced material composition, zirconia crowns offer exceptional durability, resisting fractures and wear over time. Additionally, their ability to closely mimic the look of natural teeth ensures an aesthetically pleasing result, making zirconia crowns a preferred choice for patients looking for long-lasting and visually appealing dental restoration.

The process of getting Zirconia Crowns is typically pain-free and comfortable. Before the treatment, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to ensure you are completely numb during the procedure. This ensures you won’t experience discomfort or pain while your dentist prepares your tooth and places the crown. Patients often find the procedure surprisingly quick and straightforward, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of their new crowns without unnecessary stress or pain.

Zirconia Crowns are renowned for their exceptional durability and longevity. With proper care and regular dental check-ups, they can last for many years, often exceeding a decade or more. Unlike other dental restorations, zirconia crowns are highly resistant to chipping, cracking, and discoloration, providing patients with a reliable and enduring solution for their dental needs. Maintaining good oral hygiene practices and avoiding habits like teeth grinding can further extend your zirconia crowns’ lifespan.

Absolutely! Zirconia Crowns are an excellent choice for both back and front teeth. Their remarkable natural translucency allows them to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, creating a harmonious and lifelike smile. Whether you require a crown for a visible tooth or one that endures the forces of chewing, zirconia crowns can provide you with the strength, aesthetics, and confidence you desire. Your dentist will work closely with you to ensure that your zirconia crown’s size, shape, and color perfectly match your unique dental needs and smile goals.

Benefits - Zirconia crown cost in India


Years Experience


Positive Reviews

Superior Strength

Zirconia crowns offer exceptional durability, resisting fractures and wear over time.

Natural Appearance

These crowns closely mimic the look of natural teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing result.


With proper care, zirconia crowns can last for many years, exceeding a decade or more.


Zirconia crowns can be used for both front and back teeth, delivering strength and aesthetics in any position. The versatility quotient makes zirconia crown cost in India totally worth it.

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BruxZir Zirconia Crown price in India

When a dentist tells you that you need a cap on your tooth, what does that mean? It is like a fancy hat that you wear to look good and at the same time to protect yourself. Likewise, the objective of the dental cap or a crown is to protect the underlying natural tooth structure and add to the aesthetics. However, do all crowns fulfill this criterion? There is a plethora of crowns available with their distinctive properties. The metal crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, all-porcelain crowns, Emax, BruxZir zirconia crowns, etc. BruxZir Zirconia crown price in India more than other crowns; however, they give the patient a stronger, longer lasting, more permanent, and more esthetic restoration.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

A metal crown is composed of only metal and can withstand biting and chewing forces. However, the metallic color is the drawback of this crown.  Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns actually possess a metal layer underneath the porcelain layer at the top of the crown. This metal lining is usually visible at the gum line and can be seen when patients smile. Metal and PFM crowns can sometimes cause a gray hue in the gum tissue around the crown and the patient can experience sensitivity when eating or drinking extremes of temperature.

Having said that, BruxZir Zirconia crowns are most widely used these days for their remarkable properties. BruxZir Solid Zirconia is a monolithic zirconia crown with no porcelain overlay. BruxZir Esthetic Solid Zirconia is a new category of dental zirconia made possible by years of research & development at Glidewell Dental. Advanced colloidal processing animates BruxZir Esthetic zirconia with high-performing strength and lifelike translucency, and superior shading technology renders enhanced shade matching and consistency for even more beautiful results. For patients who grind their teeth and have bruxism, this tooth-colored material Bruxzir crown is a blessing. It neither has porcelain fused to it nor metal and has proven to be much less likely to break or chip off.  Zirconia cap price costs a little more than conventional crowns, but they are a much more affordable alternative to gold crowns. Bruxzir Zirconia crown price in India is around Rs. 15K- 20K.

Bruxzir Zirconia v/s Porcelain – Zirconia crown price in Delhi

Bruxzir Zirconia offers superior strength and durability for dental crowns. It is at least three times stronger than porcelain or PFM restorations. Unlike porcelain, zirconia can withstand wear and tear without chipping, so zirconia restorations tolerate extreme chewing and bruxism. Zirconia crown contains no metal lining at the gums unlike PFM crowns, which makes it aesthetically superior to PFM.

BRUXZIR CROWN V/S EMAX – Zirconia crown price in Delhi

E-max crowns are more translucent compared to Zirconia crowns. The ceramic material allows more light to pass through. That’s a major advantage for creating teeth that look as natural as possible. The material is ideal for front teeth that are naturally thin and less opaque.

INDICATIONS OF BruxZir CROWNS – Zirconia crown price in Delhi

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Screw-retained implant crowns
  • Full-arch implant prostheses
  • An esthetic alternative to PFM metal occlusal/lingual or full-cast restorations.


The chip-proof durability of a BruxZir restoration is ideal for bruxers who have broken natural teeth or previous PFM restorations. BruxZir Solid Zirconia is also ideal when the patient lacks the preparation space for a PFM.

BruxZir Solid Zirconia is also ideal when the patient lacks the preparation space for a PFM.

Why use Bruxzir? -Zirconia cap price


BruxZircrown is nearly unbreakable and built to withstand the harsh environment. The back of the mouth endures better than all-porcelain crowns.

BRUXZIR crown offers optimal strength and durability. It is at least three times stronger than porcelain or PFM restorations.

Resistant to chipping because it is made of solid zirconia with no porcelain overlay.

Reduces plaque accumulation 

The glazed smooth surface of the Bruxzir zirconia crown reduces plaque accumulation.


Due to a wide variety of factors, including chemical composition and processing requirements, there are many ways zirconia can be manufactured to suit the patient’s needs. This customization minimizes the margin for error and ensures an excellent fit for each individual. Enhanced shade matching for predictable results. Complete color penetration through the restorations ensures greater shade consistency and prevents shade changes after occlusal adjustment.


Because of the metal substructure, the high biocompatibility of zirconia will not cause allergies in patients who have allergic reactions to PFM restorations.

Cost of Bruxzir Zirconia crown in India? – zirconia crown price India

BruxZir Zirconia crown costs more than other crowns. However, they give the patient a stronger, longer lasting, more permanent, and more esthetic restoration.

Zirconia crowns cost a little more than conventional porcelain crowns. But they are a much more affordable alternative to gold crowns. Bruxzir Zirconia crown costs around Rs. 15K- 20K.

Bruxzir Zirconia crowns last for about 10-15 years. The long durability, translucency and color, similar to natural dentition give it true to life aesthetics, makes Bruxzir Zirconia crown as the best restorative option for the patients.

In case you are looking for an affordable Zirconia crown for your teeth, reach us at Meraki Dental Studio @ 9625 678 787