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Tooth fracture treatment Delhi: Cracked tooth cap

Tooth fracture treatment Delhi: Cracked tooth cap

Tooth fracture treatment Delhi – Experience the power of a confident smile through our top-notch tooth fracture treatment. Don’t let a fractured tooth hinder your daily life any longer – Cracked tooth cap. Our skilled team of dental professionals combines expertise and compassion to provide you with the best care possible. By opting for our specialized treatment, you ensure the restoration of your dental health and prevent further complications. Don’t underestimate the importance of treating a tooth fracture promptly. It not only alleviates discomfort but also safeguards against potential infections and more severe dental issues. Invest in your well-being today and regain the joy of a pain-free, functional smile. Act now and let us guide you towards optimal oral health and a lasting impression.

Tooth Fracture Treatment treatment with Dental Bonding


Tooth fractures can be caused by various factors, including dental trauma from accidents or injuries, biting into hard objects, tooth decay, weakened tooth structure due to large fillings or previous dental procedures, or even excessive teeth grinding (bruxism). Understanding the causes can help patients take preventive measures and make informed decisions about their oral health.

Symptoms of a tooth fracture may include sharp pain when biting or chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, discomfort while eating or drinking, visible cracks or chips in the tooth, or even sudden swelling or gum inflammation around the affected area. If you experience any of these signs, it’s crucial to seek dental care promptly to diagnose and treat the fracture effectively.

The treatment for a tooth fracture depends on the severity and location of the fracture. In minor cases, dental bonding or filling can be used to repair the tooth. However, more extensive fractures may require dental crowns, root canal treatment, or even tooth extraction followed by replacement options like dental implants or bridges. Your dentist will evaluate your specific case and recommend the most suitable treatment plan for optimal oral health.

While accidents can happen, there are measures individuals can take to reduce the risk of tooth fractures. Using a mouthguard during high-contact sports or activities, avoiding biting into hard objects like ice or pens, maintaining good oral hygiene, visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings, and addressing any dental issues promptly can all contribute to preventing tooth fractures. Your dentist can provide personalized advice on preventive measures based on your unique circumstances.

Benefits: Tooth fracture repair Delhi


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Tooth fracture repair Delhi - Pain Relief

Tooth fracture treatment provides effective pain relief, allowing you to enjoy your daily activities without discomfort or sensitivity.

Restored Function

By addressing tooth fractures, you regain the ability to bite, chew, and speak confidently, ensuring that your dental health doesn't hinder your everyday life.

Prevents Further Damage

Treating tooth fractures promptly prevents the risk of additional damage, such as infections, decay, or the need for more extensive and costly dental procedures in the future.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Tooth fracture treatment improves the appearance of your smile by repairing chips, cracks, or other visible damage, boosting your self-confidence and leaving a positive impression.

Revitalize Your Smile with Precision Dental Bonding

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sonia 08
9 January 2024
You can completely Trust Dr. Harleen there . I've never been this satisfied with a dentist! Totally recommend!
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solan krichena
5 January 2024
My first visit to meraki dental studio❤️ Everything was super nice I look forward to returning in six months for my next check up 🙌🏻
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Kasak Dahiya
30 December 2023
Meraki dental studio is the best dental studio in the world, the staff is amazing, Dr Harleen mam is amazing, it is my favorite, definitely visit Meraki dental studio once.
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Samrat K
17 December 2023
Best clinic with nice equipments and good treatment must visit
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Nidhi Nidhi
30 November 2023
Bestest dental studio.❤️
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Sushma Biswas
18 November 2023
i visited meraki for my orthodontic treatment. Dr. harleen explained me everything about the treatment very patiently. Staff was very friendly and welcoming.I had an amazing experience here. Highly recommended!!!!
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Niharika Das
9 November 2023
Professional experience. Aesthetic clinic Wonderful Experience
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Divya Negi
25 October 2023
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Disha Sundriyal
19 October 2023
Got my composite veneer filling done here by Dr. Harleen Gandhi.Thanks a lot to Dr. Komal Sharma for recommending Meraki Dental Studio.The staff is also very welcoming and friendly here. Highly recommended!

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Tooth Fracture Treatment Delhi

A tooth fracture is a break or crack in the hard shell of the tooth – Tooth Fracture Treatment Delhi. The outer shell of the tooth is called the enamel. It protects the softer inner pulp of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. Depending on the type of fracture, the tooth may not cause any problems or it may cause pain.

Types of tooth fractures include:

  • Craze lines—shallow cracks that cause no pain and require no treatment
  • Fractured cusp—breaks in the chewing surface of the tooth
  • Cracked tooth—the tooth cracks from the chewing surface down toward the root of the tooth
  • Split tooth—cracks down through the root, separating a section of tooth
  • Vertical root fracture—cracks begin in the root and move up toward chewing surface

A cracked tooth will not necessarily cause any symptoms. People often have cracked teeth without even realizing it.

However, if a person notices the following symptoms, they may have a more extensive type of crack that requires dental treatment:

  • Pain when eating, particularly when chewing or biting.
  • Swollen gums around the cracked tooth.
  • Teeth that have suddenly become sensitive to sweetness.
  • Teeth have suddenly become sensitive to hot or cold foods.
  • Pain that tends to come and go .
  • Discomfort around the teeth and gums that is hard to pinpoint.

While cracked teeth are not completely preventable, you can take some steps to make your teeth less susceptible to cracks.

  1. Don’t chew on hard objects such as ice, unpopped popcorn kernels or pens.
  2. Don’t clench or grind your teeth.
  3. If you clench or grind your teeth while you sleep, talk to your dentist about getting a retainer or other mouthguard to protect your teeth.
  4. Wear a mouthguard or protective mask when playing contact sports. 

Treatment for Tooth Fracture: Tooth Fracture Repair Delhi

Porcelain Inlay / Onlay

In order to strengthen the tooth, we may need to apply a ceramic filling to the tooth. This option restores approximately 98 percent of the tooth’s strength to its natural state – Tooth Fracture Repair Delhi

Dental bonding

If the tooth is fractured such that the nerve is not damaged. Tooth bonding can be done to restore the tooth structure. It is a single sitting painless procedure.

Root canal

If a large area of the pulp is affected or there is a lot of pain associated with the broken tooth, it might be necessary to perform a root canal. This treatment consists of keeping the solid shell of the natural tooth and removing the soft part pulp inside. If the remaining structure of the tooth and its support is in good condition, it is customary to proceed with root canal treatment at this stage


After completing a root canal treatment and addressing the pain, a dental professional might elect to protect the tooth with a crown. Crowns cover broken teeth and are useful when the integrity of the tooth in question is poor.


If the tooth is broken too far below the gum and bone, it is sometimes necessary to extract it. Dentists usually follow this procedure by the installation of implants.

In case you have fractured a tooth, don’t panic CALL 9625 678 787 to book an emergency appointment with our best dentist in New Delhi, India.

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