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Immediate dental implants

When the world is talking about 4G network connections, high-speed cars, bullet trains and what not and what we can clearly infer from all these technological developments is that no one wants to wait.

GIF is not only limited to Instagram but we, in our real lives want everything done in a JIFFY.

Dentistry is not far behind in keeping up the pace.  And yes, you got it right because something called as IMMEDIATE DENTAL IMPLANTS actually exists.

We understand how inconvenient and annoying it is to be without teeth. Implants which has completely revolutionized dentistry also has a waiting period of 3-6 months before we get our smile back. The dentist has come up with IMMEDIATE DENTAL IMPLANTS for all those who think the waiting period is annoying. Yes, you no longer need to be embarrassed about that missing tooth as a tooth in a jiffy is all here.


Basically an implant is a screw-like material made mostly of titanium which is placed in the jaw bone surgically to draw support for dental prosthesis. The inserted implant acts like a tooth root around which normal bone grows and finally over a period of 3 to 6 months it completely integrates with the bone. After this prosthetic rehabilitation follows and crown is fitted over the implant head.

Now imagine the same procedure in a fast forward mode that’s how an immediate dental implant works. When your dentist talks about immediate dental implants all he is going to do is place implants and attach a temporary crown on the same day. This is mainly done for esthetic purpose but immediately loaded implants could be functional as well. It can be done for single as well as multiple teeth replacement.


Immediate implants are not suitable for all patients. Your dentist will not place immediate implants just because you want a treatment line that is less time-consuming. Your dentist will run a few scans to check the quality of bone. If you have any chronic diseased condition and poororal hygiene then you might not be fit for immediate dental implants. Certain habits such as clenching your teeth while asleep and smoking also give compromised results with immediate dental implants.


Any dentist who does conventional implants can do immediate implants too. Since immediate implants come with their own risks it is advisable to get them done from a good implantologist.

We at Meraki Dental Studio have an excellent team to do immediate dental implants without much risks and complication. We have got implant specialist with experienced hands to deliver the best treatment to you.


Any oral surgery comes with some risks. Following are risks and potential complications involved with immediate dental implants. This is why not all dentists prefer to do immediate implant surgery.

  • Implant movement: the implant inserted should not move. It should be inserted in a guided pathway and should be firm after the placement.
  • It is not advisable for everyone. For an implant surgery to be successful healthy and dense bone is required. Poor bone quality can lead to implant failure.
  • Improperly maintained implants can lead to infection of implants and cause implant failure.


Any dental treatment comes with a plethora of benefits also . Here are some of the benefits of immediate dental implants.

  • Less time consuming: immediate dental implants are done in just a one visit. From inserting the implant to crown placement everything is done in a single sitting. This really cuts short all the inconvenience of being toothless for a longer time.
  • Better gum fitting around the crown: as the crown is immediately fabricated after implant placement the gums fit better making the crown look more natural.

Overall, immediate dental implants are quicker, involve less dental visit and the final crown fit is better. The success rate of immediate dental implants is 70 per cent as compared to 98 percent success rate of conventional implants.

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