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How to Choose Best Dental Clinic in India

Maintaining a good oral health is of utmost importance for the overall wellbeing of a person. This requires regular dental visits, not just when you have a dental problem that needs immediate attention but also to ensure your oral health is in good condition. However, you have to choose an innocuous, trustworthy, and high-end facility. Dental treatments are quintessential for a healthy living. All dental problems should be addressed at the earliest like nipping the evil in the bud without showing any negligence.

How to choose best dental clinic in India?

The chances are that in your general vicinity there are numerous clinics that offer this, but not every one of them might be suitable for you. One should visit a dentist every six months for regular follow-ups. Therefore, the key points to choose a dental clinic are:

  1. Research

You must do your research on the internet and dental apps to find dentists around you. Google search provides you with the insight to a clinic through its pictures, treatment procedures and the other facilities. One can compare the various clinics through their websites and other online portals. Meraki dental studio has a website where we have uploaded all our treatment procedures along with the estimate charges and our patient’s feedbacks to maintain the transparency.

  1. Genuine feedbacks and reviews

Patient experience and satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of a dental practice. Patients share their dental experiences in the Google reviews or Practo feedbacks. Word of mouth and online reviews by patients help others to choose a dentist for their treatment. One must check the patient feedbacks before selecting a dental practice in order to get the best dental experience.

  1. Availability of the dentist and emergency treatments

Availability of the dentist is the paramount factor for visiting a dental clinic. At times the dental pain can be unbearably excruciating which would need immediate attention. Therefore, flexible clinic hours and dentist’s accessibility is conducive to choose a clinic. Find out if they are available in the event of an emergency after normal business hours and on weekends. If you have children who are active in sports, you never know when a chipped tooth may require emergency dental care. At Meraki dental studio we provide fixed appointments according to the patient’s convenience. We provide regular reminders for the appointment visits and follow ups.

4. Professional environment of the clinic and staff

One should get to know the dentist before making a dental appointment. The front desk and the staff of the clinic must be soft spoken and considerate. They must provide a safe and a comfortable environment. It is a good way to find out if you can ask him or her questions comfortably. You can gain insight into what type of patient care you should expect to receive. It is always important to feel like you can communicate well with your dentist. Otherwise, if you ever need to explain or describe symptoms/issues it will be challenging. The dentist should be deferential, benevolent and patient. Also, in case you have a dental emergency that really needs their attention, they should be fully equipped.  

  1. Infrastructure and sanitization

Infrastructure of a clinic defines its practice. A well-equipped clinic with modern technologies and machineries reflects the type of clientage handled and the dental service provided by clinic. To elucidate, at Meraki dental studio we have an in house OPG which saves patient’s time to visit another center to get a scan and visit us again. We have computerized/ digital scanning which saves the patient from the cumbersome technique of making impressions with different materials. We also have the CEREC milling unit with which single visit dentistry is possible. All crowns and veneers are fabricated in a single sitting. Meraki dental studio believes in providing comprehensive treatment to the patients under one roof. Sanitization and cleanliness is our prime duty to be followed for the safety of all.

  1. Transparency in the treatment and it’s cost

During your first visit to a clinic you must check for the transparency and honesty in the treatment plan. Too much of information can be overwhelming for anyone. Ask the dentist for a full oral health report. If a long list of procedures such as new fillings, crown replacements or oral surgery is prescribed by the dentist, ask for a written plan of treatment first. Don’t be afraid to ask for another dentist’s opinion if it seems necessary to do so.

  1. Pediatric and geriatric dentistry

A dental practice that caters to the need of all age groups is considered an ideal practice for a family. Pertaining to the different age groups, different dental treatments are required. Therefore, a dental practice with specialist for every dental procedure delivers the high quality treatment. At Meraki dental studio we respect all our patients and therefore we have well trained staff to take care of our patients and well experienced dentists to provide the high quality treatment.

Hope we helped you in identifying the key factors in choosing the best dental clinic in India. To book appointment with one of the best dental clinic in India, Call 011 – 41606066 for an unparalleled experience.