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A Complete Guide to Same Day Crowns in Delhi

What would you do if you broke a tooth the day before your wedding or an important interview? Would your dentist be able to repair it in time? If she has the right technology, the answer is yes!

Gone are the days when patients have to visit the dentist multiple times to have a dental crown placed. It used to be common for patients to walk around for a week or two with an unattractive shaved-down tooth or an unreliable temporary crown. Thankfully, dentists can now use CAD/CAM technology to digitally design a custom dental crown in minutes. This procedure can be a lifesaver when you find yourself in a bind!

Not all dentists offer this treatment. Be sure to view a dentist’s “services” tab for same-day crowns or “technology” tab for CAD/CAM technology. To learn more about this restorative dentistry service, contact Meraki dental studio’s office directly.

How is it different ?

When you get a same-day crown on your teeth, you make a single appointment with your dentist. He or she uses an intraoral camera and computer-aided design to create a 3D image of your damaged tooth.

After creating the model for the crown, your dentist uses a CEREC machine to create your same day crown at the office. When it’s done, your dentist will prepare your tooth and then will bond the new crown. The whole process takes only about an hour!

The process for getting traditional crowns on teeth usually takes two visits. You can expect your dentist to take x-rays and perform any additional work necessary, like a root canal. He or she will then make an impression of your tooth that a laboratory will use to craft it.

By the end of your first visit, your dentist will have installed a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the laboratory finishes your permanent one within 2 to 3 weeks. Your second visit will include removing the temporary crown, numbing your mouth, and placing the permanent crown.

Why is same day crown so wonderful?

Having your tooth treated and restored in one day is the obvious benefit to same-day dental crowns. Other advantages include:

1. Function is restored

A broken or damaged tooth affects your smile’s appearance, speech patterns, and eating habits. So, having your tooth restored as soon as possible is important! With same-day crowns, chewing and speaking functions are immediately restored so you don’t have to deal with a weak, unreliable temporary crown.

2. Prevents injury

Again, avoiding a temporary crown is key. Temporary crowns are more susceptible to coming loose which can cause injury to your neighboring teeth or gums. Same-day crowns also require less drilling to preserve more of your natural tooth structure.

3. More comfortable

The precise CAD/CAM technology allows dentists to design a restoration that fits accurately and comfortably. Our dentist also takes digital impressions so your dental crown is even more exact and the entire process is much more enjoyable.

4. Saves money

Although same-day crowns and traditional crowns alone cost about the same, patients save money because they don’t have to pay for an extra appointment or temporary crown.


Unable to detect some fractures

If you have a tooth fracture that extends below the gum line, a traditional crown may be a better fit. The computer-aided technology may not detect issues or damage below the gum line.

The Takeaway

Whether you need an immediate restoration because of time constraints, or you simply want to avoid multiple appointments and a temporary crown, same-day crowns are an effective, affordable restorative solution.
For patients who struggle with bruxism and jaw clenching, metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns may be suggested.

Discuss Same-Day Crowns with Your Dentist

If you’re unsure about which solution is best for your smile, schedule an initial consultation with a same-day crown dentist at Meraki dental studio today.

Dr. Harleen will evaluate your damaged tooth, discuss your oral health habits, and weigh the pros and cons with you. She will help you make the best decision to restore your smile back to its full health, function, and beauty.

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