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Cosmetic dental treatment - Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi

Cosmetic dental treatment - Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi – Unlock your best smile with cosmetic dental treatments! Say goodbye to stained teeth and embrace a radiant, confident grin that leaves a lasting impression. Our advanced procedures, including teeth whitening, veneers, and dental bonding, will transform your appearance and boost your self-esteem – Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi. Don’t let dental imperfections hold you back; our skilled professionals will tailor each treatment to suit your unique needs, ensuring stunning results. Invest in your oral health and enhance your overall beauty today. Embrace the power of a captivating smile – you deserve it!

Successful Zoom Whitening Transformations


Our at-home teeth whitening kits offer convenience and affordability, allowing you to whiten your teeth at your own pace. In-office procedures, on the other hand, provide faster and more dramatic results, thanks to professional-grade products and expertise. Choose the option that best suits your lifestyle and desired outcome.

Dental veneers are long-lasting, but they are not permanent. With proper care, they can last for many years before requiring replacement. Veneers are versatile and can address various dental concerns like chipped teeth, gaps, and discoloration. Our experienced dentists will guide you through the process to achieve the smile of your dreams.

The safety of our patients is our top priority. Our cosmetic dental treatments are performed with utmost care and consideration for individuals with sensitive teeth. Before any procedure, we thoroughly assess your dental health to ensure the best approach, minimizing discomfort and ensuring exceptional results.



Years Experience


Positive Reviews

Enhanced Confidence:

Cosmetic dental treatments boost self-esteem by transforming your smile.

Improved Oral Health

Some procedures also improve dental functionality, benefiting overall oral health.

Long-lasting Results

Enjoy the long-term benefits of durable cosmetic treatments.

Personalized Solutions

Tailored treatments cater to individual needs for a stunning smile.

Successful Smile Makeover Transformations

What our Patients say About Us

Mahika Noulla
Mahika Noulla
19 September 2023
Had the best experience ✨💗
Anita’s Life
Anita’s Life
12 September 2023
I’m loving my smile now , dr . Harleen are so good and all team are fab all team are friendly in nature . Must visit ♥️♥️
Daniele Pascarella
Daniele Pascarella
8 September 2023
I'd like to share a detailed and honest review of my experience. I'm an Australian patient who was in search of an affordable option abroad to improve my smile and bite functionality, as dental costs in Australia tend to be quite high. After extensive research, I came across Meraki Dental Studio in Delhi, India. In March, I made the decision to travel to Delhi and begin my smile makeover journey. My initial visit took place in April, during which Dr. Harleen and her team conducted five dental implants and addressed various other minor dental issues. After a waiting period, I returned to receive crowns for my missing teeth and 18 porcelain veneers. Along the way, there were a few minor challenges, but Dr. Harleen consistently chose not to take shortcuts. Instead, she always found solutions to ensure my satisfaction, even if it meant some(quite a bit) inconvenience on her end. Dr. Harleen is not only an exceptional dentist but also a remarkable and humble person. I've never been as satisfied with a healthcare practitioner before. What truly stood out about Meraki Dental Studio is their unwavering commitment to prioritizing patient satisfaction over financial considerations, which is a rarity in the healthcare industry. I'm incredibly grateful for the care I received at Meraki Dental Studio, and the results of their work are truly remarkable. I've attached some before-and-after photos so you can witness the impressive transformation achieved by Dr. Harleen and her team.
Kirti Gurbani
Kirti Gurbani
29 August 2023
I had visited Dr. Harleen for consultation and after a lot of research and looking into other options. I couldn’t find someone better than her in terms of experience, services, technology, price and most of all her warm and understanding nature. I went ahead with an entire smile makeover (veneers, crown, gingivectomy, zoom whitening, composite filling) and I am more than satisfied. The finish is so natural. She worked so hard to make sure every detail and need was fulfilled. Her entire team is so amazing. They made sure I was looked after well in all my sittings. They were professional yet so fun. The most important part is my smile speaks volume of the work Dr did on me. Its more than amazing (it looks so natural). I highly recommend Dr Harleen for anything dental. She also managed to save two of my teeth from a root canal which was so impressive. For a person who doesn’t like visiting dentist, I wouldn’t mind visiting her again rather than delaying my treatments. Ps. I traveled from Indore to get my treatment done by her because she is that good.
Tusharika Agnihotri
Tusharika Agnihotri
28 August 2023
I had a fantastic experience at the dental studio! The staff was incredibly friendly and professional. The atmosphere was welcoming, and the facilities were modern and clean. Dr. Harleen was knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me, making me feel at ease. The dental work I received was top-notch, and I'm extremely satisfied with the results. I highly recommend this dental studio for anyone in need of dental care.
Shivani Verma
Shivani Verma
21 August 2023
Overall, my experience was exceptional, and I'll definitely be returning for future dental needs. Thank you, Dr. Harleen Gandhi for providing top-notch care!
Sushma Biswas
Sushma Biswas
19 August 2023
Only if I knew dental treatment can be painless and actually a nice experience, I would not have avoided going to a dentist for so long. Thank you dentally for making me lovely teeth again. 5 stars is less for what you have done for me.
17 August 2023
Got my veeners done from dr.harleen she’s amazing& so humble. Had an amazing experience! Even the staff is so polite totally recommended 😍😍❤️

Positive Review

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi – If you’re looking for enhancing your smile, whether it is gaps in between teeth, yellow teeth or crooked teeth, you may need cosmetic dentistry. It is important to get treated by the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi, only if the smile designing is curated well, it looks natural. The best cosmetic dentist in Delhi is Dr. Harleen Gandhi Kalsi. She is an award winning cosmetic dentist trained at the prestigious New York University. She has designed thousands of smiles and is known for her patient centric treatment plans.

Her patients vouch for her work because of her well curated patient centric treatment plans. On the first smile design appointment, Dr. Harleen – Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi, interviews the patients to understand the goals and does an in depth smile analysis. It includes doing a full mouth digital scan, recording bite and full set of digital photographs. Post that she does digital smile designing. Patient can actually visualize their smile before committing to treatment.

Once the patients, likes the smile, only then she goes ahead with final work. Being the best cosmetic in Delhi, India she knows that every smile is unique. It is important to put the patient first and then design a personalized smile that enhances a person’s personality.

Her work is very well appreciated by her colleagues and it’s published in various dental journals. She is also recipients of multiple awards.

Many people travel from different parts of the world to get their smile designed from her. Meraki Dental studio is also one of the few dental clinics in India to have CEREC. We are able to design the smile in a day and do a lot of single sitting dentistry. That makes us very unique as compared to the other dentist.

To book appointment with the best cosmetic dentist in Delhi, India Call 9625 678 787. This is where the smiles come to life, start your unique experience now.