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Toothache is also known as dental pain. Dental pain is a pain in the teeth or their supporting structures, caused by dental diseases or pain referred to the teeth by non-dental diseases. When severe, it may impact sleep, eating, and other daily activities.

Risk factors for toothaches include dental infection, gum disease, plaque, dental decay, injury, cracked teeth, poorly placed fillings or crowns, loss of a tooth (including extraction), temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea.

Occasionally, heart problems can give a sensation of tooth pain. Pregnancy can also be a risk for tooth problems that lead to pain. Due to fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy, pregnancy gingivitis and tooth decay can occur.

What causes toothaches?

Toothaches occur from inflammation of the central portion of the tooth called pulp. The pulp contains nerve endings that are sensitive to pain.

Common causes of the tooth pain are the following:

  • Dental cavities / tooth decay
  • Temperature sensitivity – hot/ cold liquids or foods
  • Hot or cold air
  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Orthodontic movement – braces
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Pregnancy
  • After a crown, a tooth will sometimes become sensitive after a crown is prepared or cemented
  • Gingivitis (Gum disease)
  • Periodontal disease
  • Gum recession – exposure of the tooth root that was covered by gum or bone
  • Tooth fracture
  • Acid erosion
  • Damaged or broken fillings or crown
  • Cold sore or canker sore

Any sort of toothache should be immediately addressed and not taken lightly. Remember a stich in time saves nine.

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