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Tooth Jewelery

Tooth jewellery is getting popular day by day for purely beautification and decorative purposes. They are small rhinestone jewels fixed on individual tooth. Gems come in different designs, shapes and colours. The idea of flashing a red ruby or a blue sapphire only adds to the joy that is revealed through the smile. We all desire to have bright and white smile. So, adding a small tinkle goes to highlight it even more every time you smile.

What is Tooth Jewellery

Tooth gems are colorful crystal glasses mounted on a thin aluminum foil which can be used on the teeth. Unlike body tattoos and piercings, there is no invasive procedure involved in dental jewellery placement and is therefore much safer. There is no drilling required, no pain and hardly any extra maintenance after their placement. These gems or crystals can be placed even for special occasions and removed later. Many choose this to highlight their smile.

How Does the Jewel Feel in My Mouth

Initially, something on your tooth will feel different, but a few days after the application, you will get used to the new feeling. The size and type of the stone is left to the affordability of the patient.

Can I Still Have My Teeth Cleaned

Yes, Jewellery will cause no problem. The area underneath the jewel is sealed like a filling and will not let in any bacteria. The rest can easily be professionally cleaned and be polished on top and around the jewel with a soft point.

In this era of modern dentistry, a visit to the dentist is no longer limited to an aching tooth. People nowadays are more conscious about their face and smile. Every person wants to be presentable and in sync with the latest fashion. They are now are highly conscious of their looks, including their smile. Your dentist can design the prefect smile for you, best suited to your personality. The latest emerging trend to aesthetic dental procedures is the ‘tooth jewel’ which decorates your smile and makes it dazzle. Surprise your friends with sparkling designs on your tooth.

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