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Dental Implants: Dental Implants Cost in South Delhi, India

Dental Implants in an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth, permanently.

We firmly believe in Professor Brånemark who famously said, ‘No one should die with their teeth in a glass of water!! 

The quality of your oral health significantly impacts your lifestyle. Everyone should be able to enjoy their food, have a clear speech & of course dawn a pleasant smile. Dental implant is undoubtedly the best permanent solution for replacing missing teeth.

Cost of a Tooth Implant?

The cost of Tooth Implant in India depends upon various factors

  • Type of Implant System
  • Bone Grafting/ Sinus Lift / Ridge Augmentation and overall complexity of the case
  • Number of Implants
  • Clinical Acumen & Experience of the operating dentist

Implant System

There are different Implant systems available. The more renowned Implant systems provide latest Implant surfaces and designs, are backed by years of research, provide excellent customer service and hence enjoy global acceptance and worldwide recognition. Some of the best international implant systems we use are Nobel Biocare Active, Straumann, Biohorizon, Osstem, and Xive. These might be relatively expensive than the less popular or newer implant systems in the market but comes with a warranty which gives you the peace of mind and a replacement in case of a genuine failure of implant.

We suggest you to consider global reliable brands while choosing the best Dental Implant system. This will ensure long term availability of several components of the Implant system in case they need to be replaced due to a mishap.

Bone Grafting/ Sinus Lift/ Ridge Augmentation – Complexity of the case

At times, placing an implant is not a straightforward surgery – less bone may be available to screw the abutment, or the ridge is narrow, or it may be too close to the sinus or anatomical landmarks. In such instances, the dentist will have to perform additional procedures for the best surgical outcome.

Number of Implants

Dental Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or the fully edentulous (all teeth missing).

The total cost of teeth implants varies by the number of implants & also the type of teeth or denture that has to be placed.

The cost of tooth implant also varies with the type of abutment used. For front teeth, which are a high aesthetic zone, we prefer use Zirconia abutments which are relatively expensive than regular abutments but give excellent results.

Clinical Acumen & Experience of the operating dentist

This is an intangible cost & probably the most crucial factor. We recommend going to an experienced dentist & pay a little extra for the clinical expertise rather than save money today & regret complications later. An immaculately fitted implant system will last you a lifetime and will actually turn out cheaper in the long run.

At Meraki Dental Studio, we have a highly trained & experienced team of dental surgeons. Our best dentist in Delhi, India have done thousands of Tooth Implant surgeries & are experienced to handle the most complicated cases also.

Given that tooth implantation cost is decided with all or a combination of the above factors, it is advisable to visit a dentist & ask for the tooth implant cost only after complete clinical evaluation. This will enable the dentist to decide the best dental implant solution. Asking cost for your particular condition without clinical assessment may not be a good idea. Although, one can tell you the blanket charges but complete evaluation is must.

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