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Dental implants – An alternative to Dental Dentures

Dental implants have revolutionized the replacement of teeth. Before the development of dental implants, people with dentures were unable to chew many kinds of food; this has all changed with the widespread use of dental implants.

What is a dental implant?

The implant itself is usually made of titanium and is embedded in the jawbone in a surgical procedure. This serves as the “root” or anchor for your new, replacement tooth.
Ultimately, after the implant has been integrated with the bone (this can take up to six months) a tooth, made to match your natural teeth, is attached.

The most obvious benefit of dental implants

They replace missing, damaged or infected tooth, which allows you to return to eating and speaking with confidence and comfort. This allows you to live a healthier life.
Implants are durable and usually last a lifetime, sometimes with minimal adjustments. Being rooted in the bone, using a screw, they prevent bone loss and stay secured.

What you can expect in a dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is usually an outpatient surgery, performed in stages:

    • Your damaged tooth is removed.
    • Your jawbone is prepared for surgery (a process that may involve bone grafting).
    • After your jawbone heals, your oral surgeon places the dental implant metal post in your jawbone.
    • You go through a healing period that may last several months.
    • Your oral surgeon places the abutment (which is an extension of the implant metal post). In some cases, when the implant is very stable, this can be done as the implant is placed.
    • After the soft tissue heals, your dentist will make moulds of your teeth and jawbone and later place the final tooth or teeth.


The entire process takes a few months from start to finish. Much of that time is devoted to healing and waiting for the growth of new bone in your jaw.

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