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Cost effective dental implants: Still a dream in UK

Affordable or low cost dental implants are no more a dream.

Yes, it is possible to get dental implants that do not cost a bomb to your pocket.

A little bit of research in this type of dentistry can land you to the best place. The cost of single tooth replacement can be as high as $1000and for full mouth teeth replacement can cost as high as $50,000.

There’s no doubt about it, dental implants have drastically revolutionized dentistry. Unlike bridges or dentures which become uncomfortable over time as the gum’s shrinks making it difficult to eat certain foods as well as making the simple act speech a challenge, implants provide stronger support that last longer. A dental implant is a screw-like material mostly made up of titanium which is inserted in the bone to replace the natural root. After a period of 3 to 6 months bone grows around the implant and the bone-implant integration is completed. Gums around the implant remains healthy and do not shrink. The prosthetic tooth or teeth that are placed over implants provide have good strength as they get good support from the underlying implants. If you have missing or problems with your teeth, the idea of dental implants is a dream come true. But the cost of dental implants can put this surgery out of the each of the very people who would benefit the most.


There are however justifiable reasons why implant procedures are more expensive than dentures or a bridge. This is a surgery and in some cases will require a team. Dentures can be fitted and made in a relatively short period of time. For implants, the time it takes for the implant itself to be inserted to the finished prosthetic can take as long as a full year.

Another reason for dental implants to be expensive is that implants fall into cosmetic dentistry category and your insurance plan does not cover for implants leaving the dentist with no choice but to charge the patients for implants.


Worldwide many people are opting for their dental treatment in other countries. Dental tourism has become one of the fastest-growing industry. People from around the world, travel to countries where dental treatments are cheaper as compared to their home country. With the increasing popularity of this sector even corporates are involved in dental care whose purpose is to describe travellers about quality health care. Not only are many corporations involved in this type of service but it is also backed by many governments to attract more tourists to their country. This type of tourism mixes leisure and entertainment with healthcare.


We at Meraki Dental Studio, a complete dental care center provide high-quality dental care at a fraction of cost as compared to the UK. Many dentists in our team are foreign-trained and can operate at a much lower operating cost than in the United Kingdom. Dental implants cost around $360 to $650 per implant which is nothing as compared to the $1000 in other countries.

Our clinic is well equipped with latest instruments and infrastructure. A special team takes care of all the sterilization protocol. You will get the best of the best facilities under one roof. We are backed up by excellent specialists with experienced hands to render world-class service. We have more and more dental tourist who visit India with confidence and wear a renewed pearly white smile incomparably low cost on their way back.

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