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Can My Teeth Be Reshaped to Look Smaller and Less Obvious?

Many people feel that their teeth are too big in comparison to their mouth and face. Generally, the front two middle teeth are slightly larger and longer than the adjacent teeth. Sometimes the problem is not that the teeth are too big, but they are protruding which gives the illusion they are bigger. These teeth may be inherently bigger or the adjacent two teeth could be smaller in size than normal, making the front two teeth appear larger. It is recommended to visit your dentist who can give you the exact reasoning for this.

Depending on the cause for your teeth looking larger than average, your dentist can decide on the correct line of treatment. Cosmetic dentistry can now fix your problem and give you the perfect smile. The treatment can range from minor reshaping of your large teeth, to building up the adjacent smaller teeth using composites or having porcelain veneers applied.

The doctor does smile analysis on the first appointment. It is then followed by a mock up smile. You can actually test drive your smile.

It is best that you consult with a dentist who is experienced in cosmetic procedures and they can advise you the best treatment plan for you. To book an appointment with our experienced Cosmetic Dentists please call us today.

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