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Best Fitting Dentures in Delhi

What you need to know about Best fitting dentures

Dentures are removable prostheses used to replace missing teeth. They are mainly of two types—complete and partial—depending on the number of teeth they replace. Complete dentures replace the full set of missing teeth; partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth, but not all. We offer a special variety of dentures, such as the BPS denture, at Meraki Dental Studio.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the BPS best fitting dentures and their benefits- brought to you by Meraki Dental Studio.

How does a new denture feel?

Wearing any new denture might feel a bit strange in the initial few days. These days require a lot of patience and practice. At Meraki Dental Studio, we suggest you wear the dentures for a long period of time to get used to the new prosthesis. The denture might initially feel a little tight, requiring practice eating and speaking with the new dentures. Your tongue will need training as it can dislodge the prosthesis. We suggest you wear dentures for a maximum duration. Do not wear it if you feel any sharp spicule or rough edges that might be causing any irritation.

What are BPS dentures?- Best fitting dentures

BPS dentures, or biofunctional prosthetic system dentures, are the best fitting dentures that use a standardized series of interconnected procedures to produce highly aesthetic, comfortable, and functional dentures. BPS dentures use the latest material to produce comfortable, best-fitting, flexible dentures. 

Regarding aesthetics, BPS Dentures have proven superior to conventional dentures. They involve digital scans of the facial muscles to mimic nature, and the material used in making BPS dentures is highly lifelike and natural.

How are BPS dentures different?

At our center, BPS technology is the favorite for all kinds of complete, partial, and immediate dentures. BPS dentures aim to produce dentures that mimic nature. It instills confidence in the user while eating, speaking, and doing other regular functions. All the facial muscles are digitally recorded to replicate nature and provide a comfortable experience to the denture user. 

Benefits of BPS denture

  • Maximum comfort to the wearer
  • No soft tissue irritation
  • Fewer chances of breakage as the material used is highly durable and strong 
  • Highly polished and smooth denture surface
  • Better fit than the conventional denture

With BPS dentures, you can enjoy a wide range of food items, enhancing your quality of life

BPS dentures offer a more natural-looking denture experience, elevating your self-confidence and personality

Procedure for getting dentures

  • The first step is the careful clinical examination of the mouth, in which our experts will examine the remaining teeth along with the surrounding structures
  • Our team of experts ensures you get a customized treatment plan based on your dental examination.
  • After examination, the next step is impression-making. This step is essential as it helps determine your bite. 
  • The teeth are set according to your bite to make a try-in denture.
  • The try-in sample is checked for minor adjustments. After the trial results are satisfactory, the final denture fabrication is done.