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Alternative to braces for kids and Teens | Invisible braces | Clear Aligners

Teenagers and kids of this insta –generation are highly aware and conscious. Gone are the days when they would be happy wearing metal braces. Today’s youth is on Snapchat and Instagram, if they could snapchat filter their metallic smile, they would. But thanks to technology, there are Invisible braces / clear aligners available. And the insta teen can now get their teeth straighten without telling the world about it.

The question is does invisible braces / clear aligners work for children?  Yes ! And a Yes !

The benefits of Invisible braces / clear aligners for your child:

  • Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisible braces / clear aligners is meant to be taken out during teeth cleaning. This means your child will not need to make any major adjustments to their regular dental routine. They can continue to keep teeth clean and healthy, and reduce the risk of cavities or gum disease.
  • Another serious benefit is that clear aligners should be removed for all meals. This means your child’s diet is not restricted, and Invisible braces will not interfere with everyday life.
  • Children and teens often don’t want braces due to aesthetic reasons, and can feel extremely self-conscious with braces or crooked teeth. Clear Aligners is almost invisible, so can remove this potential source of anxiety.
  • Finally, Invisible braces / clear aligners is often more comfortable and less painful for kids to wear, as there is no risk of broken brace brackets.

Is Invisible braces / clear aligners right treatment for your child?

Well, invisible braces are a good choice of treatment. The few points to remember before choosing it as treatment option would be:

  • All permanent teeth should be erupted (wisdom tooth is not important). Treatment should not be done during mixed dentition, that is when there are both milk and permanent tooth present in the mouth. An x-ray is taken before starting the treatment, to check the health of all the permanent tooth.
  • Moreover, the child should be mature enough to follow the usage instructions. Aligner’s should be worn for at least 22 hours a day. If the child doesn’t follow the instruction then the treatment may not get completed in the decided time span.


This Summer, make use of the time and technology. Gift your child the gift of beautiful and Healthy smile.
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