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All On Four dental Implants

“All on four” implants sound interesting & intriguing. Well here you will get a clear picture of all about “All on four” implants.

To understand what an” All on four” implant is, you need to know about dental implants first.

Implant is a dental prosthesis which replaces the root part of the missing tooth. It is just like a screw which through surgery gets embedded in the jaw bone and integrates with the bone over a period of several months. It acts like root of your missing natural tooth and provides support the overlying crown that replaces the crown part of the natural tooth.

Four of such implants make up the “All on four” implants. In All on four implant cases, instead of replacing single tooth with single implant, your dentist will put four implants is different areas of each arch to replace all missing teeth from each arch. In simple words, four implants on top and four implants on bottom will act as anchors for all the missing teeth. After the implants are properly placed and integrated your dentist will form a denture taking support from these four implants.


How Is It Done?

General perception of people with dental treatment is not very good but honestly with all the recent advances dental treatments have come a long way. Implant surgery is not at all a very scary surgery as it sounds. All in four implant surgery is a multistep procedure and here we will be explaining how it goes.

Your dentist would have already planned the surgery trough the scans and all. 

First you will be given local anesthesia so that the entire procedure is carried out smoothly. Next the dentist will remove all the failing natural teeth and also remove any diseased gum tissue. After all the teeth have been removed and other unhealthy tissues been taken care of, they will start with implant surgery. Bone drilling is done up to the calculated depth, bone drilling is lesser in all on four cases as compared to conventional implants. Titanium implant screws are inserted within the jawbone. In All on Four implant cases usually two implants are placed in the front teeth region and two in the back teeth region so that the forces that fall onto the implants get evenly distributed.

After the surgery the mucosa is placed back to its position and sutured. It usually takes 3 to 4 months for the implant to completely integrate with the jawbone. After this the prosthetic phase begins a denture is formed with titanium base that binds with the implant head.

All on four implants are also called as “teeth in one day.”

What Happens After The All on four Dental Implant Surgery?

During first hour after the surgery, you may have some bleeding and for which your dentist will give pack to bite on. Keep the gauze pack on the surgical area for at least half an hour remove after that, you might need to change the gauze pack after 30-45 minutes if bleeding persists. Do not rinse or touch the surgical areas. Your dentist might give you mouthwash to rinse with and try to keep your mouth as clean as possible.

Twenty four hours after the surgery you can warm saline rinses three to four times a day. Smoking after surgery is not advisable as it hinders with the wound healing. If you still have any difficulty you can always contact your dentist.

The most important thing after surgery is rest, pain management and soft foods.   

Cost Of All On Four Implants

Cost of all on four dental implants depends upon the type of material used for final teeth  and number of missing teeth that are artificially replaced and of course the implant system.

  • Acrylic All on four implants: In most of the All on four implant cases an acrylic denture base is used around a titanium framework.
  • Porcelain All on four implants: Porcelain denture material is more esthetic and real looking. It lasts more than acrylic denture. This adds little more to cost factor.

All on four implants could be quite expensive. We at Meraki Dental Studio, a complete dental care clinic understand very well that such treatments could be burden on the pocket and to lessen all your worries regarding dental treatments we have come up with zero percent EMI plan where you can pay in installments and get your dental treatment done.

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