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10 Facts you might not know about same day crowns

If your schedule is constantly packed due to work, school, or ferrying your kids to and from different activities, the idea of setting aside time for multiple dental appointments to receive a dental crown may sound daunting. Thankfully, single visit crowns use cutting-edge technology to provide you with an alternative option. As their name implies, these crowns can be placed in just one visit to our office, saving you valuable time and making them a convenient treatment option for many people. These traits alone make single visit crowns incredibly appealing, but there’s more to the treatment than this. Here are 10 things you might not know about single visit crowns.

1. Single visit crowns offer increased comfort.

Since they take only a single appointment to place, same day crowns cut down on the amount of discomfort you’ll experience during the placement process. Plus, while a traditional dental crown will leave your mouth sore at least twice, first when your tooth is prepared and later when the crown is placed, same day crowns ensure that you’ll only have to deal with a sore mouth once. This makes the entire experience, from the procedure itself to the healing process, much more comfortable.

2. Single visit crowns eliminate the need for messy, gross-tasting putties.

If you’ve gotten a dental impression in the past, you might have experienced the messy, gross-tasting putties that dentists have been using for years. Thankfully, CEREC’s technology kicks this putty to the curb, using a digital scanner to produce detailed 3D models of your teeth. The process is quick and easy: all Dr. Harleen has to do is pass a small wand, which is about the size of an electric toothbrush, over your teeth. Since a few rogue air bubbles can mess with the accuracy of a putty impression, the 3D model created by CEREC’s digital scanner is more than just more comfortable—it’s also more accurate!

3. Single visit crowns only take a few hours to place.

While traditional crowns take two or three visits over the course of several weeks to place, your same day crown can be designed, milled, and placed in about two hours. That really is it—at the end of your appointment, you’ll have your complete restoration. This short turnaround reduces the amount of time you’ll have to take off work or how much you’ll have to shuffle your schedule around to receive your crown.

4. They fit perfectly thanks to CEREC’s digital imaging technology.

The 3D model of your teeth that the scanner creates allows your dentist to design and makes changes in your dental crown quickly and easily, all before it’s milled. Your dentist uses the 3D model to look at the way the crown will interact with the teeth next to it—ensuring it doesn’t put too much pressure on them—adjust the thickness or shape of the crown in certain areas, and check to make sure it fits perfectly with your bite. This helps ensure your new crown fits right away, with less time dedicated to making adjustments to get it to fit correctly.

5. They have a wide range of uses.

Dental crowns are most well-known for protecting teeth after they’ve undergone a root canal, but not everyone who needs a crown needs a root canal. Crowns can be used for a wide range of restorative and cosmetic procedures, including repairing a broken or severely worn down tooth, capping a dental implant, protecting a weak tooth, or covering a tooth that’s misshapen, crooked, or stained. Even if you don’t need a root canal, there are a number of reasons you might want a dental crown; same day crowns have the potential to benefit you in these circumstances.

6. They’re made of the better material Zirconia as compared to traditional crowns.

The quick placement and increased convenience of same day crowns doesn’t come at the cost of quality, as they’re made from one of the strongest material- Zirconia. This zirconia is durable enough to withstand the same daily wear and tear as your natural teeth, so you can chew and bite into your food without worrying about your crown—just keep in mind that it’s not indestructible, and the same actions that risk damaging your natural teeth can damage your new crown. As a result, you should avoid cracking nuts, crunching down on ice, or opening packaging with your teeth.

7. They look just as natural!

Since they’re made from Zirconia which gives excellent aesthetic results, same day crowns look just as natural as teeth. They match the gloss of natural teeth and the crown’s shape, size, and shade is designed specifically for you, allowing it to blend in with your natural teeth. No one will know you have a crown, let alone which tooth it’s on!

8. They cost about the same as traditional porcelain crowns.

Although the cutting-edge technology may sound like it would drive up the cost of same day crowns, they’re often about the same price as traditional porcelain crowns because they save you and your dentist money in other areas. Same day crowns eliminate the need for your dentist to make you a temporary crown or send your dental impressions to an outside lab, which saves them on the costs and materials of doing so. They also save you any copay you might have to pay for additional appointments at our office. Since dentists do have to recoup the cost of buying and maintaining the equipment involved in milling same day crowns, this often adds a little cost back into your total—but it usually winds up making the cost of the two types of crowns about equal.

While getting a dental crown is never a thrilling experience, the technology used in single visit crowns makes the experience faster, more comfortable, and more convenient than ever—all without sacrificing quality or appearance. If you’re interested in learning more about single visit crowns and whether they’re a good fit for you, feel free to call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Harleen at Meraki dental studio anytime.

9. They require the same maintenance as traditional porcelain crowns.

When you get a crown, whether it’s a same day crown or a lab-milled crown, you don’t have to worry about adding extra steps to your oral hygiene routine. Same day crowns require the same level of maintenance as traditional porcelain crowns and natural teeth do: a dedicated oral hygiene routine. Even with a crown capping it, your tooth is still vulnerable to periodontal disease, so you should protect your oral health by brushing your teeth for two minutes every day, flossing and using mouthwash at least once a day, and visiting your dentist every six months.

10. Single visit crowns aren’t ideal for everyone in every situation.

Same day crowns work for almost everyone in a wide range of situations, but like any treatment, it has its limits. Only one crown can be milled at a time, so it’s best to get lab-milled crowns if you’re getting multiple crowns at once. Just like traditional porcelain crowns, your gums need to be healthy before you can receive same day crowns; if you’re suffering from gum disease, you may need to undergo treatment for it before you can get any type of crown.

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