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Painless Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?
Root canal treatment repairs and saves a badly damaged or infected tooth. The term ‘root canal’ comes from cleaning of the canals inside a tooth's root. With advancement in dentistry over the last decade or so, most people now experience minimal pain, if any, with a root canal treatment. Our Root Canal Treatment in Delhi is painless and relieves tooth ache effectively in addition to saving the natural tooth.

Why is Root Canal Treatment needed?
When a tooth is cracked or develops deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp. The bacteria and decaying material stuck in the tooth may cause a serious infection or a tooth abscess if left untreated, leading to pulp death, bone loss and loss of the tooth itself.

Signs and symptoms
Signs and symptoms to look out for if you require root canal treatment may include:
  • Swelling around your face and neck
  • A hole in your tooth
  • Toothache or tooth pain
  • Gum swelling
  • Temperature sensitivity, especially to hot

Root Canal Treatment Procedure
The root canal usually takes one to two visits depending upon the amount of infection. First, you have dental X-rays to check the extent of damage. You also receive a local anesthetic to control pain. Decay is removed, and an opening is made through the crown of the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. Using small dental instruments, the infected or diseased pulp is removed. After the diseased pulp is removed, the pulp chamber and root canals are flushed and cleaned. The root canals may be reshaped and enlarged to allow better access for filling later. Before permanently filling the root canals, they should be clean of all infection and dried. Medication is sometimes put into the pulp chamber and root canal to clear any infection. If infection has spread beyond the tooth, you may need a prescription for antibiotics. If the root canal requires multiple visits, a temporary filling is placed in the crown to protect the tooth and keep out debris and saliva. Avoid biting or chewing on the tooth until it's been treated and restored. The final stage of the root canal is restoring your tooth. Because the tooth typically has a large filling or is weakened from extensive decay, it needs to be protected from future damage and returned to normal function. This is usually done by placing a crown — a realistic-looking artificial tooth. A crown is made of gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. It can be tinted to match the exact color of your other teeth. Sometimes, a metal post must first be inserted in the tooth for structural support and to keep the crown in place.

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Goal of Root Canal Treatment
The goal of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth may become severely infected and abscesses may form. Our best dentist in Delhi will examine your case and, based on the extent of damage, suggest undergoing either a root canal treatment or its alternative, i.e., extracting and replacing the damaged tooth with a dental implant, bridge or removable partial denture.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment
The root canal cost is generally between Rs. 6000 – Rs.8000/- depending whether it in a front or a back tooth. Also, if repeat root canal is required or a broken file is to be retrieved.

How long Root Canal Treatment takes?
Our Root canal specialist generally completes root canal in a single – sitting, which usually takes 45 mins – 70 mins. If the case is complicated, or infection is more than two sittings are required.

Risks of Root Canal Treatment
The chief risk of root canal is that it can fail. When root canal treatments fail, sometimes the problem is easily detectable on x-ray -- a missed canal, a perforated root, or inability to clean all the canals all the way to the tip of the root. Sometimes root canals fail for no apparent reason -- that is, no apparent reason until the tooth is extracted and a fracture is found on the root that may not have been seen on x-ray. Our best dentists at Meraki Dental Studio are experts in treating failing root canals.

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We Use Modern, State of the Art Technology and Equipments.

These include:

Digital X-rays ortho_invi_inner
Digital Apex Locators ortho_invi_inner
Rotary Filling Systems ortho_invi_inner
  • Root canal treatment is painful
  • Root canal treatment causes illness
  • A good alternative to root canal treatment is extraction
  • Root canal therapies are often lengthy, requiring many visits
  • You do not need a root canal if you’re not feeling any pain
  • Root canal treatment doesn't cause pain, it relieves it
  • There is no valid, scientific evidence linking root canal-treated teeth and disease elsewhere in the body
  • Saving your natural teeth, if possible, is the very best option
  • Root canal therapies can be completed in one or two appointments
  • Teeth that require root canal therapy are not always painful

Root Canal FAQs

Is Root canal very painful?

It was believed to be one of the most painful procedure in dentistry. However, contrary to its reputation, root canals relieve pain. It is done under anesthesia, pain is controlled easily.

Is Root canal time consuming?

Earlier it used to take many visits for the completion of the root canal and this caused disturbance in the schedules of the patients and it was a hard task for them. With recent advances, root canals are completed in single sitting unless there is lot of infection or case is very complicated.
Also the cost for extraction is followed by its next procedure like removable denture or implant, which costs more than a root canal procedure.

Is Pain the only symptom for Root Canal?

Pain occurs only when the infection is acute. In chronic cases, pain doesn’t happen. Your tooth may be infected and yet asymptomatic. Pain is not an indicator of infection always.

Is Extraction better?

People believe that getting the tooth removed completely would be better than having root canal done. But maintaining the natural tooth should always be the first goal.
Also the cost for extraction is followed by its next procedure like removable denture or implant, which costs more than a root canal procedure.

Can Root canal be done in pregnant women?

There are suitable anesthetics available for pregnant women and the x-ray required during the root canal treatment is small and focused only in the mouth region, so does not affect the abdominal region. So there is no restriction for pregnant women and they can have the root canal done, but prior to the treatment, the dentist should be kept aware about the fact that the patient is pregnant.
Our efficient and trained team at Meraki Dental Studio ensures you experience a comfortable and painless treatment. You can book an appointment or call at our front desk inquiry to know more about what you will experience during your Root Canal Treatment at Meraki dental Studio; the best dental clinic in Delhi offering the most advanced Root Canal Treatment in Delhi.

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